#5G Technology

No heavy loads – Engineers develop simple solution for greener, lighter washing machine

5 years ago — Long Read

You might remember Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh from the wave machine created from old bike parts - now he has teamed up with 22-year-old undergraduate Dylan Knight to make a splash...

Volvo says no to diesel engines. The future is electric!

5 years ago — Quick Read

Shocking news - Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson has said that the future for Volvo is one with "no more diesel engines".

How we can make super-fast hyperloop travel a reality

5 years ago — Long Read

Across Europe and parts of Asia, travellers can enjoy some of the fastest rail services in the world. From Málaga to Madrid, Tokyo to Osaka, high-speed electric trains condense the...

#whyflyfast – 360 VR Wingsuit Jump above Dubai

5 years ago — Quick Read

A collaboration between XDubai and Skydive Dubai has produced an innovative VR recording of a wingsuit flight over the coastline of Dubai.

How Does Masdar City – the ultimate experiment in sustainable urban living – stack up against Birmingham?

6 years ago — Long Read

Masdar City has been pitched as a ‘zero carbon’ and ‘zero waste’ city. This brand new city in the United Arab Emirates aims to be a world-leading low-carbon metropolis but...

Researchers make record breaking connection times with 5G

7 years ago — Quick Read

Researchers from the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) have achieved record-breaking speeds in establishing data connections through the 5G network. The head of the research programme said he...