#EngineeringTheOlympics: Engineering the Olympic Games in Rio — Infographic

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The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online Master in Civil Engineering degree program has put together a series of infographics to celebrate the Engineering of this year's games Click on the images below to explore more Olympic Engineering facts and figures. Engineering the Olympic Games in Rio NJIT...

#EngineeringTheOlympics: The Olympic Aquatics Stadiums Green Credentials

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While the Olympics diving pool made headlines today as it turned mysteriously green overnight the Olympic Aquatics Stadium next door already had green credentials, with a natural ventilation system and "nomadic architecture" at the heart of its construction. Sustainability was a major theme for Brazil bid to bring...

#EngineeringTheOlympics: Modelling the Rio Olympics Canoe Slalom

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While the world gets ready for white-knuckle drama on the whitewater rapids we take a look at how real-world modelling was utilised to create the Canoe Slalom course in Rio. The Canoe Slalom is inspired by slalom skiing and this sport has been in the Games since...