#EngineeringTheOlympics: Tennis Centre by GMP

1 min read

Based in Hamburg, GMP Architekten is the architecture firm behind the Tennis Centre. The Tennis Centre can accommodate up to 18,000 spectators during the Games and 10,000 seats after the Games. Purpose-built for the Games, the Olympic Tennis Centre features 16 courts. Unlike other 'nomadic' building which will...

#EngineeringTheOlympics: Arenas Cariocas by Wilkinson Eyre

2 min read

WilkinsonEyre’s cascading three-in-one Arenas Cariocas is the largest venue within Rio's Olympic Park. It will host various Olympic and Paralympic sports before being transformed into an Elite Athlete Training Centre after the Games. Its three arenas sit under one long roof which runs parallel to the main walkway...

#EngineeringTheOlympics: AECOM’s Olympic Park Masterplan

2 min read

The Olympic Park forms the centrepiece of the Rio's Games. The Masterplan for the park was developed over six years by American multinational engineering firm AECOM and incorporates venues built for the Pan American Games in 2007. The 120 hectares site, south-west of Rio de Janeiro, contains seven...