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Could space be the entrepreneurial frontier? Chris Davenport’s ‘Space Baron’s tells the stories of the people who are reigniting the space race.

Since the Mercury and Apollo programs there has been no real progress in rekindling human exploration of space. For four decades a human mission to Mars has been promised by NASA.

Today the visionary quest to land on Mars has fallen to the modern day “Space Barons”.

The new space rack is often framed as turtle (Bezos Blue Orgin) vs hare (Musks SpaceX). Yet, Davenport’s book does look at other players on the field. Unpacking both the story of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos alongside Richard Branson, Burt Rutan and Paul Allen.

After founding some of the largest brands in the world – Amazon, paypal, Microsoft and Virgin – each have bet on space for the next tech revolution.

The book explores the ambitious plans they have to revive a manned space programme.

This new race isn’t only exploration for explorations sake. This new space race is about monetizing space travel. From CubeSats to Asteroid Mining and Space Tourism new industries are emergeing. Could these pay for us to become a multi-planetary specieis?

Davenports book does a great job at unpacking who has acomplished. His engaging story-telling style fills in the gaps in the story of the modern space-race.

The book boosts an impressive number of sources within the industry. The result is an insiders look at the hopes of dreams of each entrepreneur. Outlining not only what has happend so far, but the what the future holds for each company.

The book is a must for anyone interested in the modern Space Industry.

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