engineering careers  The extraordinary Secret Lives of Structures

What if everything created by engineers had disappeared overnight? What would be missing? Not just cars, houses, roads and bridges but tunnels and skyscrapers.

The impact engineering has on our human experience is undeniable, but more often than not it is invisible.

This is where Roma Agrawal’s BUILT takes aim. Their unique look at how engineering has evolved from the very first mud huts to the steel and glass monoliths which dominate our cities skylines unpacks the unseen impact of Engineering on our modern world.

Each chapter in the book is written around particular materials or techniques – bricks, concrete and steel are explored in terms of how they gave rise to tunnels, water systems and high-rise buildings. Each idea is traced back to its – often unexpected – origin.

This format allows you to easily dip in and out of the book. As well as unpacking a wealth of Engineering history, the book is particularly heartfelt when it comes to Agrawal’s chapter on Emily Warren Roebling – the overlooked engineer behind the Brooklyn Bridge.

Even a century after Roebling’s death she is still an unknown figure in a male-dominated industry – perhaps this book will go some way to change that perception.

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