engineering careers  The Empowering Story of the Women Science Forgot

The Forgotten Women series is a great way to explore the contributions of those overlooked by History. In its latest instalment, the focus is on the women who have helped shape Science.

The book is a must for anyone interested in the History of Science. A perfect gift not only for your daughters, sisters or mum but you sons, brothers or fathers.

The book focuses on 48  overlooked women who have transformed the scientific world.

Highlights include; Mary Anning, who redefined our understanding of prehistoric life. Emmy Noether “The Mighty Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of”. Wangari Maathai, who created an environmental and ecological movement in Kenya. Ynes Mexia discovered over 500 new plant species. Ruby Hirose developed the vaccine that irradicated polio. Margaret Sanger battled to legalise contraception.

Each chapter focuses on a different field. From Earth and Universe; Biology and Natural Sciences; Medicine and Psychology; Physics and Chemistry; to Mathematics and Technology, and Invention.

Tsjeng’s style is compelling and engaging. The colourful books artwork and beautiful layout ensure it is a celebration of women who were true pioneers.

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