engineering careers  Why choose Engineering?
engineering careers  Why choose Engineering?

What we want people to know about a career in Engineering

Engineers are creative problem solvers who benefit our society


“How to improve the levels of prospective engineers? Stop teaching engineering and start teaching problem-solving.” Industry representative

There are many fantastic examples of innovative solutions developed by engineers. Ranging from a solar-powered fridge used to keep medication cool in the third world, a magnet capable of measuring gas levels in canisters, or even a single-use syringe thought to be responsible for saving 60 million lives; it is clear that what excites engineers is problem-solving. For up to date example of how engineers are changing the world see our news section

Engineers Are Great Team Players


“New technology and engineering systems involve both gifted individuals and gifted team players. Everyone has the chance to play to their strengths.” 

Engineers are great team players. A perfect illustration of this was the delivery of the 2012 London Olympics. Although rightly acclaimed as a sporting triumph for Team GB, it was also an engineering triumph. The amazing stadia, the high-tech sporting equipment, the technology behind the security which kept participants and spectators safe, the advanced communication systems which televised the events around the globe, and the improved transport infrastructure were all delivered by teams of engineers.

Engineering is a well-paid profession

View of london skyline from the Tower Bridge.

Engineers are well paid, as are graduate engineers. Indeed, the average starting salary of an engineering and technology graduate is £25,762; 15.7% more than the mean for all graduates. This is because engineers are in demand; it is a skilled profession working across a wide range of sectors solving an even wider range of problems, and companies will pay a premium for this skill-set.

Engineering is playing a key role in driving our economic recovery

London, UK - June 7, 2015: The entrance to the London Stock Exchange on 7th June 2015.

With the country’s economic focus moving away from financial services, engineering is taking up the mantle and driving growth in our economy. With new government commitments to investment in infrastructure, the contribution made by engineering looks set to grow from its current level of £1.1 trillion to the UK economy.

Engineering offers a strong career ladder to ambitious professionals

Two corporate business colleagues working together in office

Our research also showed us that there are engineers in senior positions across a range of companies both within and outside the sector. Engineering skills clearly equip you for management and career progression, with opportunities to climb a career ladder on a meritocratic basis.

A career in engineering offers global opportunities


Many of the engineers we spoke to had taken the opportunity to travel in their profession. With engineering skills applicable on a global basis, the profession offers an exciting way to venture outside the UK.

Engineers have friends in high places

Chrome blue sky over the iconic Big Ben (1834) and Westminster bridge in the heart of london.

With the government refocusing the national economy on engineering and manufacturing, the industry has significant top-down support from politicians hoping to re-establish and boost the profession and UK’s reputation in this area.

‘Engineering is an art form where you use your imagination to solve a problem or create something; maths and science are the building blocks to make the figments of your imagination come to life’

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