engineering careers  What engineers do
engineering careers  What engineers do

Is engineering cool? What of your smart phone – or the Shard – or the new Jaguar F-type – or top-of-the-range sports equipment – or F1 cars – or games consoles – or advanced medical technology? All these amazing things are produced by engineers. Engineers are creators – they bring answers – they make a better world.

Here are some facts about engineering.

Engineers are creative problem solvers who benefit our society

There are fantastic examples of the innovative solutions developed by engineers all around you. What excites engineers is problem solving; making your smartphone smarter, making your sports equipment better, making the environment cleaner and safer – all around you engineers are meeting the challenges to make a better world.

Engineering offers a strong career ladder to ambitious professionals

A career in engineering offers global opportunities

With engineering skills applicable on a global basis, the profession offers an exciting way to encounter foreign cultures. UK engineering companies have such a global reach, that a career in engineering is sure to involve some exciting overseas travel.

Engineering is playing a key role in driving our economic recovery

Gear wheels on dollar bill revealing the path to success
With the country’s economic focus moving away from banks and brokers, engineering must take up the mantle and drive growth in our economy. With new government commitments to investment in infrastructure, the contribution made by engineering to the UK economy looks set to grow from its current level of £1,100,000 million annually.

Engineering is a well-paid profession

The average starting salary of an engineering and technology graduate is over £25,000 and 15% more than the mean for all graduates. This is because engineers are in demand; it is a skilled profession working across a wide range of sectors solving an even wider range of challenges. Companies pay a premium for skilled people.

Engineers are great team players

New technology and engineering systems involve both gifted individuals and gifted team players. Everyone has chance to play to their strengths.

Career Ladder

There are engineers in senior positions across companies both within and outside the sector. Engineering training equips you for management and career progression, giving you the chance to build your own career path.

Engineers have friends in high places

With the government emphasising the dependence of the national economy on engineering and manufacturing, the industry has significant top-down support from politicians hoping to boost the profession and the UK’s reputation in engineering creativity.

Careers Advice

Mapping out a career path has been likened to a game of “Snakes and Ladders” – aiming for the ladders (e,g, good exam grades), whilst avoiding the snakes (e.g. poor grades). But whilst “Snakes and Ladders” is a game of chance, depending on luck with the roll of the dice, in career planning you make your own “luck” – so leave nothing to chance! Achieving your career objectives is possible with careful planning, hard work, and a willingness to take advice.

We hope that on this website you will find the reasons why you should consider a career in engineering.

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