engineering careers  Planning a Career
engineering careers  Planning a Career

Mapping out a career path has been likened to a game of Snakes and Ladders – aiming for the ladders (e.g. good exam grades), whilst avoiding the snakes (e.g. poor grades). But whilst Snakes and Ladders is a game of chance, depending on luck with the roll of the dice, in career planning you make your own luck – so leave nothing to chance! Achieving your career objectives is possible with careful planning, hard work and a willingness to take advice.

An important first step in planning any career, especially in engineering, is to seek advice from experts. Your place of education is likely to have a careers advisor. There are decisions to be made about the choice of subjects to study.

If you are at the stage of thinking of going to university then check out one of the Good University Guides published in the national press.

A good on-line source of information is the National Careers Service

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Also check out LifeSkills

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If you are looking for a University place then UCAS is the place to start –

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SEMTA may provide ideas worth considering on training options

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Some useful general careers advice can be found at –

If you are at university then a good website for career advice is Prospects – Click on the the logo or URL below.

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There is also the “milkround”.

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