engineering careers  Information and materials to inspire the next generation of engineers
engineering careers  Information and materials to inspire the next generation of engineers

The provision of advice to students on their choice of career must be one of the most demanding challenges for the true teacher.

Speaker giving presentation in lecture hall at university. Participants listening to lecture and making notes.

It requires sound assessment of the specific academic abilities of the student involved. It also calls for a wise assessment of the personal character and of the evident or hidden social skills waiting to be brought into play. That said, there can be few more rewarding returns than that of knowing that a student has been well advised, that he or she has responded with genuine commitment and ability and that the world is the better for the advice given. Not least, most students have the wisdom and generosity to know that the teacher has been the key factor in attaining success.

In reviewing the attractions of a given career, many of the criteria involve the students’ personalities. Are they creative? Are they team players? Are they inquiring? Are they practical? Can they multi-task? Are they anxious to benefit society? Answers to such questions will lie in your experience.

But many criteria involve the job itself. Is it well paid? Does it offer job security? Does it require travel? Some of the questions cross over any divide between these sets of criteria. Does the job require creative thinking? Does it require social skills of accommodation? Does it require an aptitude for fresh thinking? Is there a particular need for ability in the framing and resolution of challenges?

The only certainties are the complexity of the career search task and the crucial role of the teacher in helping bring it to a happy and successful outcome. Recognising this truth, the planners of this website have sought to gather the necessary information and to make it readily available to all interested parties. There is no wish to impose a particular direction; rather the intent has been to bring an accessible and attractive array of information to your attention. As indicated in the site’s introduction, the hope is that the offered ‘map of the territory’ will be found sympathetic, useful and practical.

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