engineering careers  Engineers are problem solvers
engineering careers  Engineers are problem solvers

Engineers are problem solvers who make a positive difference to our lives

There are many fantastic examples of the innovative solutions developed by engineers. What excites engineers is problem solving.

There are few more exciting things in life than creating devices, systems and processes that can change things for the better. Imagine creating technology that will ease the burdens of ill health or old age; or improved communications systems that enable people to stay in touch, by whatever means wherever they are; or faster, cheaper transport systems that get you safely to where you want to go, when you wish to be there; or technology that assists learning or makes leisure time more rewarding; or processes that will guarantee a secure and safe environment, clean water, sustainable energy generation, minimised waste …. Imagine. Just imagine.

Well, that is exactly what engineers do. Engineers are the nation’s visionaries – its creators; its wealth generators; its protectors of property and the environment; its custodians of acceptable quality of life. Engineering has to access the whole of human understanding and put it to use to solve real-world problems, like feeding the population, providing reliable transport, creating a safe and secure environment, making homes warm and welcoming, producing the technology to aid learning, allowing leisure time to be more rewarding, and creating technical aids to human infirmity and ill health. What could be more worthwhile – more exciting – or more rewarding than engineering? In considering your future, think ENGINEERING – a sure path to career satisfaction and reward.

‘Engineering is an art form where you use your imagination to solve a problem or create something; maths and science are the building blocks to make the figments of your imagination come to life’

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