engineering careers  Engineers are great team players
engineering careers  Engineers are great team players

Engineers are great team players. A perfect illustration of this was the delivery of the 2012 London Olympics. Although rightly acclaimed as a sporting triumph for Team GB, it was also an engineering triumph. The amazing stadia, the high-tech sporting equipment, the technology behind the security which kept participants and spectators safe, the advanced communication systems which televised the events around the globe, and the improved transport infrastructure were all delivered by teams of engineers.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority, Sir John Armitt, and his deputy Sir Roy McNulty, are both distinguished engineers. If you want things done, trust teams of engineers. They may not be in the limelight, like the Team GB athletes at the 2012 Olympics – but they are there behind the scenes making sure things happen as planned.

You can read an article by Sir John Armitt on the engineering behind the Olympics.

We are now only 239 days from the Opening Ceremony of the 30th Olympics, the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. So it is a good time to be able to look back on what has been achieved since London was awarded the Games in 2005 and forward to the final preparations.

It will be the third time London has hosted the Games, 1908 and 1948 being the previous occasions, but this was the first time London had to bid in competition with other cities. In the run up to the final decision, announced in Singapore, Paris was many peoples hot favourite so why do we think London won? The bid led by former Olympian Lord Coe promised to deliver the best Games ever, to create a vision of sport which would act as an inspiration and legacy for children around the world. Also a legacy for sport in the UK, a physical legacy of regeneration in London and a wider social and economic legacy with a focus on sustainability.
The 550 page bid set out how the Games would be delivered, locations, finances, transport (a particular concern in London of the International Olympic Committee), plans for the Olympic Village and the development of the Olympic Park on the brown field site known as the Stratford lands in East London.

You can read the full article by Sir John Armitt on the engineering behind the Olympics here

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