Real life Hoverboard spotted flying through city

engineering careers  Real life Hoverboard spotted flying through city

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it CGI? No – it turns out the viral video circulated earlier this week was a real-life hoverboard zipping through a city.

It looks like the world is one step closer to the hoverboards from “Back to the Future II” after Twitter users circulated video of a man riding a giant drone earlier this week.

The immediate response was that the board was probably a CGI hoax but it looks like the Green Goblin-esque hoverboard was a real-world Omni Hoverboard.

Omni Hoverboard pricing starts at around £15,000 but they won’t be available anytime soon.

The boards have been around for several years and gained some notoriety when its inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru smashed the Guinness Book of World Records hoverboard flight record – hitting 905 foot – back in 2015.

It is probable that the rider of the board in the viral video broke more than a few laws flying in a heavily populated area but at least they decided to wear a helmet