Archive March 2019

3D printed tissues could keep athletes on track

7 months ago — Quick Read

Bio-engineers from Rice University and the University of Maryland have shown off their first success at engineering scaffolds which can act like osteochondral tissue. Problems with osteochondral tissue - the...

Engineering Podcasts – Engineering Heroes

7 months ago — Quick Read

Engineering Heroes (previously known as Beer with an Engineer) talks to engineers and to better understand who they are, what it is that they do, and why Engineering is so...

Bloodhound gets brand new HQ, a new name and a new paint job

7 months ago — Quick Read

Born to Engineer favourite Bloodhound was saved from bankruptcy late last year by Ian Warhurst.

Zweibrück Observatory Get a Star Wars Makeover

7 months ago — Quick Read

Hubert Zitt - a professor at the Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences - has transformed the Zweibrück Observatory of the Natural Science Association into a giant R2-D2. Zitt completed the...

Meet the Engineering for Access 2019 Shortlist

7 months ago — Deep Dive

The first ever Engineering for Access award has announced the shortlist for 2019; offering one winner the chance to have their life-changing design, for people living with disabilities, made into a prototype – plus...

Are we about to figure out one of physics’ biggest mysteries – why there’s more matter than antimatter?

7 months ago — Quick Read

A new CERN Study sheds light on one of physics' biggest mysteries – why there's more matter than antimatter. Why do we exist? This is arguably the most profound question...