Archive February 2019

A New Cheap 2D Material Can Remove 99.9999% of Bacteria From Water Using Only Sunlight

4 hours ago — 1 min read

A new Material Science breakthrough from Engineers in China could bring cheap clean drinking water to people around the world. The team from Yangzhou University have developed a new water...

Infographic: The World’s Most Innovative Mega Projects

2 days ago — 1 min read

Engineerings history has been marked by influential megaprojects. From ancient structures like the Pyramids and Great Wall to modern marvels like the Eiffel Tower, these megaprojects not only embody human...

Nasa confirms Opportunity mission is at an end

6 days ago — 1.5 min read

Yesterday (Wednesday 13th February 2019) Nasa officially declared that the 15-year mission of the Mars Opportunity rover is over. Opportunity's first self-portrait on Mars Opportunity, also known as MER-B (Mars...

Infographic: What are the worlds biggest cities going to be in 2100?

1 week ago — 2 min read

The United Nations has predicted the world’s population to be 9.8 billion in 2050. However, that is set to soar to an astonishing 11.2 billion people in 2100! In 2010,...

QEPrize awarded to the creators of GPS

1 week ago — 3 min read

This year the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has gone to the team behind the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Richard Branson announces his own plans to travel to space

2 weeks ago — 1 min read

Engineering entrepreneur Richard Branson has announced that intends to travel into space aboard his own Virgin Galactic spaceship by July. Virgin Galactic's 'SpaceShipTwo' - pictured above - would be commanded...