Archive December 2018

Virgin Galactics ‘Unity’ successfully reaches space for first time

1 day ago — 1 min read

Virgin Galactic has announced that its 'Virgin Space Ship' (VSS) successfully reached space for the first time this Thursday. 'Unity' launched from the Mojave test centre in California yesterday. The...

Engineering Podcasts – Engineering Matters

2 days ago — 0.5 min read

Engineering Matters celebrates the work of engineers who use ingenuity, practicality, science, theory and determination to build a better world. 5.7 million people in the UK work in engineering-related enterprises...

Scottish wind power crushes 100% production threshold

2 days ago — 1 min read

Scotlands on and offshore wind production smashed production thresholds last month. The National Grid recorded that Scottish wind power produced more energy than required on 20 out of 30 days...

Infographic — What Are The 10 Longest Tunnels in the World?

4 days ago — 4.5 min read

Often overlooked, tunnels are modern day engineering marvels. While today the longest and most impressive tunnels are concentrated in parts of Europe and Asia (due to their mountainous topographies) there...

Just 4 Days to Go On Our LEGO Technic Tow Truck Comp

6 days ago — 0.5 min read

Just 4 days(!) to go to the end of our latest LEGO Competition.

This Open Source Machine Learning Tool Predicts The Best Chemo Choice 80% of the time

1 week ago — 2 min read

A new machine learning tool has been developed by bio-engineers at Georgia Tech. It can analyze a patients RNA and match them with the best chemo-drugs. It has matched patients...