Archive November 2018

Richard Branson’s ‘Global Cooling Prize’ offers $3 Million to Reinvent the Air Conditioner

11 months ago — Quick Read

UK Engineering superstar Sir Richard Branson is set to give $3 million to whoever can reinvent the air conditioner.

What next for Mars InSight?

11 months ago — Deep Dive

It’s notoriously hard to land on Mars, yet NASA managed just that with its recent InSight lander. From childhood, I’ve loved watching landings and other spacecraft manoeuvres on TV –...

Special Projects unveil Magic UX

11 months ago — Long Read

Born to Engineer favourite Special Projects have revealed their new augmented reality tool. Magic UX lets a user pick emoji or jump between apps with a wave.

Engineering Podcasts – Engineering People Podcast

11 months ago — Quick Read

Engineering People Podcast talks to the world’s leading engineering managers to learn from their experience and ideas. Each week presenter Ryan Carson, CEO and Founder of Treehouse, interviews a range...

Touchdown for Nasa InSight robot

11 months ago — Quick Read

NASA's InSight craft successfully landed on Mars yesterday and sent back a selfie.

An Ion drive space engine has been used on aircraft for first time!

11 months ago — Long Read

Imagine an aircraft engine that has no moving parts, produces no harmful exhaust and makes no noise. That’s what researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US...