Archive October 2017

Toyota dominates Tokyo Motor Show

3 years ago — Quick Read

This week sees the biennial Tokyo Motor Show taking place at the Big Sight exhibition space; and Toyota tooks to be dominating this year's event. The Concept-I The biennial Tokyo...

Did You Know Engineering – The hydrogen fuel cell was invented by a Victorian lawyer from Wales

3 years ago — Deep Dive

Let us start, in the spirit of steampunk, by imagining a new and different past. One that is just a little different to that which we currently have. So welcome...

New gesture control tech can turn everyday objects into remote controls

3 years ago — Quick Read

Lancaster Engineers have created new gesture control technology that can turn everyday objects, such as the humble cup of tea, into a remote control The team believes that the new...

Bloodhound supersonic successfully completes first public runs

3 years ago — Quick Read

Great news for fans of the SuperSonic Bloodhound project - the car has successfully conducted its first public run.

A Giant octopus and historic ship come together to create new coral ecosystem

3 years ago — Long Read

A group of conservationists led by Sir Richard Branson has created the BVI Art Reef - an underwater art installation centered around the Kodiak Queen - a World War II...

See-through solar technology represents ‘wave of the future’

3 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers have developed a transparent solar material which could be used on windows to gather as much energy as bulkier rooftop solar units