Archive August 2017

Infographic — National Skyscraper Day – Engineering Skyscrapers!

2 years ago — 4 min read

National Skyscraper Day is coming up on September 3rd. Skyscraper construction and design have remained largely unchanged over the last century, several aspects of construction are due for radical changes...

Could these incredible submarine concepts be used by the Royal Navy in the future?

2 years ago — 2.5 min read

The Royal Navy has released new submarine concepts that hint at how 3D printing could revolutionise naval design. The designs have been produced by a team of young engineers from...

Cassini spacecraft reveals the bizarre vortex at the center of Saturn’s ‘hexagon’

2 years ago — 1 min read

NASA has showcased new images from its Cassini spacecraft that show the bizarre vortex at the top of Saturn's northern pole. Cassini was ~166,000 miles from Saturn when it took...

Thorium-Salt Reactor Fired Up for the First Time in Four Decades

2 years ago — 1 min read

Molten salt nuclear reactor that eats radioactive waste has fired up for the first time in over four decades.

What to do if you fail your GCSEs

2 years ago — 3.5 min read

GCSE time is here again, with the annual focus on the success stories: the young person who passed all their subjects despite tragedy or illness, as well as the young...

VW relaunch Kombi van as electric vehicle

2 years ago — 1.5 min read

Volkswagen is planning to create a brand new all electric van inspired by its iconic camper. The new microbus call will make its debut next January after VM (claims -...