Archive May 2017

Engineering Talks – Colossus & the Breaking of Lorenz

3 years ago — Quick Read

By the end of World War Two 10 Colossus machines were working around the clock to find the start wheels of the Lorenz-encrypted messages. These machines made a huge impact...

#whyflyfast – 360 VR Wingsuit Jump above Dubai

3 years ago — Quick Read

A collaboration between XDubai and Skydive Dubai has produced an innovative VR recording of a wingsuit flight over the coastline of Dubai.

Engineering Podcasts – The Engineering Commons Podcast

3 years ago — Quick Read

The Engineering Commons Podcast pitches itself as "Practical insights for the engineering crowd" but it is more than that - it is a celebration of the complexities and realities of...

WIRED releases its 2017 Smart List

3 years ago — Long Read

WIRED has released its 2017 smart-list. The list highlights up-and-coming minds from bioscience to software, fashion to entertainment. Among them are two engineers; Professor of Information Engineering Zoubin Ghahramani and...

Explore – Women in Computing: a British Perspective

3 years ago — Quick Read

The National Museum of Computing and Google have worked together to chart the history of women's involvement in computer science. The project covers the time from Ada Lovelace (generally recognised...

In Conversation with Prof Eleanor Stride – Encouraging More Young People into Science and Engineering

3 years ago — Quick Read

Watch Prof Eleanor Stride (from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford) talk to Dr Sung Hee Kim (the Director of Voices from Oxford)discuss the need for...