Archive May 2016

IBM achieves memory storage breakthrough

3 years ago — 2 min read

Scientists at technology giant IBM have achieved a breakthrough in memory storage. The team were able, for the first time, to demonstrate storage of 3 bits of data per cell...

Robot weave “Elytra Filament Pavilion” kicks off V&A’s “Engineering the World” season

3 years ago — 1 min read

In preparation for this summer's "Engineering the World" season, which will open next month, Kuka has moved into V&A's main courtyard. Kuka might look similar to something you might see...

Two-legged Robot MARLOs takes next step forward

3 years ago — 2 min read

MARLO uses innovative algorithms that allow her to conquer mixed terrain The University of Michigan's MARLO, a free-standing two-legged robot, has taken the next step forward in conquering different ranges of...

TeSeR project set to clean up space junk

3 years ago — 0.5 min read

Strathclyde University is leading a research project to develop groundbreaking technology to help clean up space junk. The project will be led by Airbus Defence & Space, with €2.8 million...

Open air test for Hyperloop One Successful

3 years ago — 1 min read

Hyperloop One has carried out its first open air for its high-speed transport system by accelerating a sledge over 116 mph in just 1.1 seconds at a test site in...

Surgical STAR robot surpasses human surgeons

3 years ago — 1 min read

Scientists from the Children's National Health System in Washington in the United States have developed a surgical robot that can suture (stitch up) soft tissue.